Availment Procedures

Inpatient Procedures
Outpatient Procedures

Inpatient Care

IWC members whose condition requires admission to the hospital are given proper inpatient care by IWC in collaboration with the accredited service providers. Inclusive to this kind of service are admission to the hospital, the room and board accommodation, diagnostic examination and laboratory tests, medication during confinement and most importantly, assistance in the documentation by IWC's Patient Relations Officer.

Physician's Order for Admission

Step 1 Physician's Order for Admission

Member will secure an order to admit in the hospital from IWC's accredited physician.


Request for Admission

Step 2 Request for Admission

Member presents the IWC card to the hospital staff and request admission in a ward category (optional)


Communication Line in Progress

Step 3 Communication Line in Progress

Hospital staff will call IWC Call Center to secure Letter of Eligibility.


IWC Liason Officer at Work

Step 4 IWC Liason Officer at Work

Admitted member shall be visited by IWC Liason Officer to discuss matters pertaining to the needs of the patients and the extent of the IWC coverage.

Be well and stay safe

Step 5 Be well and stay safe

Hospital staff will Call IWC Customer Service for Discharge.



Outpatient Care

Members who do not require hospital confinement but need to visit accredited hospital or clinic for diagnosis and treatment are provided with outpatient care by IWC's accredited doctors. Services may include medical consultation, emergency room care, referral to specialists, laboratory tests and x-rays upon prescription of the accredited physicians and diagnostic exams. Our competent Customer Service Officers guide the patient about the outpatient availment procedures.

Plan Coordinator

Step 1 Plan Coordinator

IWC Member proceeds to ER/HMO Department/Industrial Department/or Plan Coordinator’s clinic for Outpatient availment.


Ready your IWC Card

Step 2 Ready your IWC Card

Member presents IWC card to hospital staff.


Call in Progress

Step 3 Call in Progress

Hospital staff calls IWC Call Center  to secure Letter of Guarantee or  approval number.


Doctor's at Work

Step 4 Doctor's at Work

Member will go to IWC accredited doctor for consultation.


Approval Number

Step 5 Approval Number

For Laboratory availment: follow step 1 to 3.


Excess Pay

Step 6 Excess Pay

If member's benefit limit is NOT enough to cover the procedure, Member will proceed to cashier to pay excess amount of procedure before continuing with availment. Laboratory will ask for  the LOG and the Official Receipt representing the excess amount paid by the member.