Did you know that medical expenses don’t have to be a pain?

Focus on your recovery and not on the costs. Gain entry into a healthcare system that allows you to manage your health the way you want it with IWC’s Individual and Group Package Programs.

Plan Types & Salient Features

Avail of suitable health cover for you and your family. By paying a relatively affordable premium, you will get the financial confidence to take care of your loved ones, beat the burden of medical inflation and opt for quality treatment.

Basic Care Plan

Basic Care Plan

If you are conscious about your budget, we highly recommend this economical plan to suit your budget requirement.

Room & Board: Ward

Maximum Benefit Limit: PHP 60,000.00

Regular Care Plan

Regular Care Plan

Highly modest and popular program trusted by most daily wage workers today.

Room & Board: Semi-Private

Maximum Benefit Limit: PHP 120,000.00

Advantage Care Plan

Advantage Care Plan

A superior yet reasonable program designed for your officers, employees, and workers.

Room & Board: Private

Maximum Benefit Limit: PHP 150,000.00

Did you need more details? Go through the product benefits to learn more. It pays to make the right choice!


Healthcare Benefits

Our members are provided with various healthcare benefits such as preventive care, medical consultations, laboratory and diagnostic procedures, early management of health conditions, quality care treatment and rehabilitation. 

Preventive Healthcare Services

Annual Physical Examination

Outpatient Care Services

Inpatient Care Services

Emergency Care Services

Special Diagnostic Procedures

Non Network Emergency